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A new Northern Flamenco Network has been born

Welcome to discover Nordic flamenco culture! This website brings together flamenco professionals and their activities in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The Northern Flamenco Network is a community founded by Nordic flamenco professionals. The network includes approximately 100 people working with performing arts, research and education as well as associations, events and schools in the field of flamenco.

For children and youth

Kriatura – international Flamenco Festival for children and youth

Kriatura is the first international flamenco festival for children and youth born in Jerez de La Frontera, founded by the flamenco ambassador of Jerez, Kirstine Hastrup from Denmark.

Kriatura aims to encourage young people to discover and explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, and to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European and global space. Kriatura pursues these aims through flamenco, which has been designated part of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010 by UNESCO. The culture of flamenco has spread worldwide, bringing together all nationalities as well as different ethnic groups through this art.

Kriatura uses culture to engage the younger generation directly in their surrounding society, and through their work with flamenco and cultural heritage Kriatura help to develop our understanding of the past and imagination of the future. The Kriatura Festival is an ideal experience for young people from other countries for understanding the social and international dimension of flamenco culture, and the importance of a very living and local cultural heritage that is shared among a wide variety of people.

The Kriatura Festival has also been celebrated in Denmark for the past three years, and their next goal is to celebrate Kriatura in other Northern countries. The next festival will be held in Jerez de La Frontera in October 2023.

The Northern Flamenco Network strengthens and promotes flamenco as a visible and accessible art form in the Nordics. Our operations are based on open communication and interaction between professionals.


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