Combination of photos by JP Manninen (water) and Katariina Salmi (portrait), design by Christian Robinson

Anna Murtola: La Tierra Blanca record releasing tour


Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2

Helsinki, Finland

Finnish flamenco singer Anna Murtola’s new album “La Tierra Blanca” will be released in February 2023. Following the release, the singer will tour with her new show. The concert will be part of the Helsinki Flamenco festival 2023 programme.




Anna Murtola

In the concert, collages of natural sounds and synthetic soundscapes meet the sensitivity and disarming power of flamenco singing. Video art that shimmers with northern light and shadow is combined with the expressive tradition of flamenco and the uncompromising musical expertise of a group of top Nordic flamenco musicians.

Vocals, Anna Murtola
Guitar, Robert “Robi” Svärd
Guitar, Joonas Widenius
Percussions, Ricardo Padilla
Piano, Merve Abdurrahmani
Violin, Lotta-Maria Heiskanen
Sound art, Paavo Impiö
Video art, JP Manninen