Photo: Katariina Salmi / JP Manninen / Edited by Christian Robinson

Anna Murtola: Northwind Bulería Single release

Finnish flamenco singer Anna Murtola will release the first single from her upcoming album on all digital platforms.

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Anna Murtola – Flamenco Singer. Record label Northern Notes.

Northwind Bulería (canción por bulería), single release 13/1/23

The song “Northhwind Bulería” is the first single to be released from Anna Murtola’s new album La Tierra Blanca (album release date 3/2/23). The song talks about going back to your roots and finding your true core. The theme melody of the song and the lyrics of the chorus were born in November 2021 in Murtola’s hometown Oulu by small freezing streams. The singer then sent the melody and lyric ideas to guitarist Robi Svärd in Sweden and he composed the guitar parts for the song. Sound artist Paavo Impiö composed the wind that howls throughout the song.

Written by Anna Murtola
Composed by Anna Murtola & Robert “Robi” Svärd

Vocals, Anna Murtola
Guitar, Robert “Robi” Svärd
Percussions, Miguel El Cheyenne
Piano, Merve Abdurrahmani
Bass, Hannu Rantanen
Sound art, Paavo Impiö