Photo: Eduardo del Valle

Chaneki Flamenco Ensemble Tour: Carpe diem


Tromsø kulturhuset

Tromsø, Norway

Carpe diem is a flamenco dance performance with live music, full of mystery and flamenco temperament in a wonderful mix of traditional flamenco and “ida y vuelta” tones. Inspired by the pre-Columbian Náhuatl culture from Mexico, and their view of the life cycle as an essential part of the world.

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150 - 330 NOK
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Chaneki Flamenco Ensemble starts a tour in Norway with this beautiful dance concert. Experience a beautiful performance that celebrates life itself. The performance is a tribute to life, in line with the thinking of Náhuatl culture: We are all seeds, and after our death new life arises.

Bellali Austria: dance
Ole Andre Farstad: guitar
Belén de los Reyes: vocals
Ombeline Chardes: violin
Francois Taillefer: percussion