Cuejero: Flamenco Jazz de Norte a Sur


Tanner, Hämeentie 11

Helsinki, Finland

Stories of red wine and love of flamenco songs are gently blended with Nordic-Jazz textures. This tasty cocktail is inspired by those musical traditions born through the fusion of cultures sharing the same land. Their stories are sung by the deep voices of instruments with one foot in the tradition and the other one in current society.

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Javier Sanchez

The music of Cuejero immerses the audience in a world of energetic rhythms and heartbreaking melodies.

The fiery tunes of Javier Sánchez and his charismatic stage presence captivated the attention of international audiences with his debut album. “Inmerso” is his latest record and features an elegant collaboration between world-class flamenco singers and Scandinavian Jazz musicians. Javier demonstrates his maturity as a composer with a brilliant combination of northern acoustic sounds and passionate southern vocals.