Photo: Joni Sarkki

Flamenco dance course with Laura Rintamäki
14.01.2023 - 14.05.2023
15:00 - 19:30


Kulttuuritalo Valve, Hallituskatu 7 / Tanssikeskus Citydance, Tyrnäväntie 16 D

Oulu, Finland

Laura Rintamäki teaches flamenco dance on three different levels: for beginners, intermediate and advanced.


250 €


Palo Nuevo & LR Flamenco

Have you dreamed of starting a flamenco dance or thought about returning to this beautiful art form after a long break? Now is your chance, because Laura Rintamäki, a well-liked flamenco teacher in Oulu, is teaching the beginners level.

In the beginner course, you learn the basics of flamenco. The course includes a lot of exercises related to wrist rotations and hand alignments, tapping technique and body control. You need normal training clothes, if you want a skirt and sturdy and low-heeled shoes. You can get off to a great start with, for example, walking shoes with a small heel.

The intermediate level continues the tangos with manton that started in September. The course is intended for basic and intermediate level dancers. Tangos is a joyous palo that is suitable for many levels: thanks to its four divisions, it is safe to start flamenco with. However, being divided into four parts is not synonymous with easy, this palo offers a challenge even for long-time flamenco lovers.

The advanced level continues with the previously started romance. The palo is born from Andalusian ballads and belongs to the soleá family. Romance has been influenced by caña, martinete, soleares, siguiriyas and even Christmas carols and lullabies, and its roots go all the way back to the Middle Ages.