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Flamenco dance Summercamp at Ölands FHS with Pia del Norte
01.07.2024 - 05.07.2024


Ölands Folkhögskola
Skogsby 144
386 93 Färjestaden

Öland, Sweden

A full week filled with flamenco dance where you get a broad picture of flamenco as a form of expression, an insight in the history of the artform, we work with basic steps, palmas (handclap-)rhythms and a choreography. This can be your first meeting with flamenco or a broadening for those of you with former experience.


2935 SEK, 4735 SEK for those of you living at the school (recommended!)


Ölands Folkhögskola

Öland is a beautiful island on the east coast of Sweden where the flamenco dance summer course has been a popular choice for both dance teachers from other dance-styles, long-term aficionados to neighbours from next door. Flamenco can be danced by men and women, young and old, and its strong expression is experienced as strengthening and well-doing for the body. A part of the classes are divided into two groups where those of you who are new to the dance form get further keys to the expression and those with prior experience get to work with technique and precision. This year we will dive into a flamencostyle called tarantos and tangos. Most people choose to live at the school where the kitchen offers amazing meals, the cafe keeps open every evening and all students have access to the dance studios even in the evenings!