Photo: Laura Reunanen

Concert, Tablao
Flamenco Fredag: Cantaoras


Pygméteatern, Vegagatan 17

Stockholm, Sweden

The Cantaoras project presents three different Finnish flamenco singers; Taija Robalta, Laura Maria Rinta and Laura Reunanen. Lyrical moments and rhythmic fireworks, joy, fire and the depth of the flamenco atmosphere are promised – with female power!

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250 SEK (200 SEK)
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Flamenco Fredag

The Sibelius Academy has brought together this ensemble, where singers Laura Reunanen and Laura Maria Rinta study and Taija Robalta works as a flamenco singing teacher. The project had its premiere at Sibafest in Helsinki in April 2022 and now after a year the project gathers in Stockholm!

On stage:
Laura Reunanen – vocals
Laura Maria Rinta – vocals
Taija Robalta – vocals
Tony de María – guitar