Photo: Drago Videmsek

Performance, Tablao
Flamenco Fredag: Mitja Obed - Entropy


Pygméteatern, Vegagatan 17

Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to the first Flamenco Fredag evening of the spring season 2023! Entropy is an experimental flamenco dance performance with flamenco dancer Mitja Obed. Together with the musician Fernando Leria Jimenez, he has created a dialogue between the dancer and the electronic sound device.

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250 SEK (200 SEK)
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Flamenco Fredag

Entropy is a work disregarding the overwhelming feelings accompanying the apocalypse. A floating sense of merely being a spectator of the cataclysmic events reminds us of the apocalypses we have already lived through. The flamenco dancer uses his body as a narrator, a mouth of its own, outside of traditional forms of flamenco. With the transformation of the sound of the dancer’s feet the space on stage becomes a pool of thoughts thickening in the course of the performance. Accompanied by the subtle double bass they create a subtle atmosphere where the main character is transformed from a benign one-of-the-crowd to a tyrant and constantly in the flow of an underground DJ gathering. The project explores the extension of the dancer’s movement into the ambient. Each movement becomes a manipulation of coordinates of the space. While normally dancer cannot speak now his body is a living dictaphone.

The second part of the evening is, as usual, tablao, where Mitja and Fernando will visit accompanied with the house band.

Dance: Mitja Obed
Music: Fernando Leria Jimenez
Costume: Kiss the future (Tanja Padjan)

Flamenco Friday’s house band: Emil Pernblad (guitar), Marianne Holmboe (vocals), Pia Del Norte (dance).