Photo: Eija Savolainen

Flamenco singing course
15.01.2023 - 23.04.2023
17:00 - 19/20:00 every other Sunday


Tampereen Flamencoyhdistys, Pirkankatu 1

Tampere, Finland

Students progress on the course one by one, everyone has their own approx. 15 min of time to sing. The student gets to choose which style of flamenco he wants to study, so eight different pieces are sung in the class at best! The material that’s being taught is traditional flamenco. Teacher: Taija “Robalta” Tyrväinen


200 €


Tampereen Flamencoyhdistys

The material that’s being taught is traditional flamenco, the focus is on the traditional control of melodies and rhythms, as well as the characteristic expression of each style of flamenco.

The student does not need to have previous experience of flamenco singing. Lessons have guitar accompaniment.

Lessons are a total of 7 times. If necessary, the teacher divides the students into two groups.