Klaneettitie 5

Helsinki, Finland

On the eve of International Dance Day, the Fragmentos show reflects the diversity of flamenco dance with the power of nine wonderful dancers and choreography. The music is provided by a live band. The evening is illustrated by Christian Robinson’s video art.

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24.50 € - 31.50 €
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Tmi Elina Robinson & Imperfecto Collective

The Fragmentos show presents a mesmerizing celebration of flamenco dance. Nine talented dancers come together to showcase the diversity and beauty of this powerful art form, each bringing their own interpretation to the stage. The live music of a talented band sets the rhythm, driving the dancers’ movements to new heights. Christian Robinson’s evocative video art adds a dreamlike quality to the performance, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for the flamenco’s fluid and graceful movements. On the eve of International Dance Day, immerse yourself in the world of flamenco and experience the passion, tradition, and artistry of this beloved dance form.

Camila Laine
Maikku Talvitie
Minna Saalpo
Assi Sten
Jonna Huttunen
Anne Riikola-Sarkkila
Elina Robinson
Marianna Stråhlman
Petra Valve

Anna Murtola, vocals
Juho Koskimies, guitar
Ricardo Padilla, percussions
Vilma Talvitie, piano & vocals

Video art:
Christian Robinson