Photo: Klaus Handner

José Manuel Álvarez's Workshop
08.01.2023 - 10.01.2023
17:00 - 20:30


Helsinki Dance Centre, Sturenkatu 27

Helsinki, Finland

Highly respected and praised pedagogue and choreographer José Manuel Álvarez’s first workshop in Finland.


150 €


Tmi Elina Robinson. The course is organized in cooperation with Ann Sehlstedt and the Cento de Flamenco La Pantera.

In addition to Helsinki, José Manuel Álvarez will give courses in Gothenburg and Stockholm in January and will now come to Finland to teach for the first time. This highly appreciated teacher has visited Finland before as a dancer in Marco Flores’ “Laberíntica piece”.

Information about the teacher:
José Manuel Alvarez, born in Seville in 1985, but currently lives in Barcelona, ​​where he founded his own dance group “La Capitana Espacio Flamenco”. He has worked as a professional dancer for more than 15 years, e.g. In the works of Marco Flores, Olga Pericet, Ruben Olmo and Javier Latorre. Since 2014, he has choreographed his own works “Bailes Collaterales” (2019), “Cruces” (2020) and “El Rumbudróm” (2021). He examines flamenco from a contemporary perspective and explores different bodily possibilities for expression. As a teacher, he is very clear, warm, positive and approachable. He also sings in classes and at the same time teaches flamenco´s code language and structures of the palos.

Sunday 8.1
17.30-19.00 Basic Level
19-20.30 Advanced Level

Monday and Tuesday 9- 10.1
17.00-18.30 Basic Level
18.30-20.00 Advanced Level