Performance, Concert
Klubb Baires: Chicos Fritos Milonguera feat. Pia del Norte


Barnens scen
Falsterbogatan 17, Malmö

Malmö, Sweden

Klubb Baires is a Swedish platform gathering tango-lovers in the south of Sweden. This time you will be able to both enjoy the dynamic Chicos Fritos Milonguera in a flamenco-set and dance a panda or two with live music!

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180 SEK
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Klubb Baires

With her powerful and dramatic vocals, Irene Pelayo Lind, together with the duo Chicos Fritos, have with “Chicos Fritos Milonguera” in a short time established themselves as dance accompanists in western Sweden’s tango dance community. The musicians are deeply rooted in the flamenco tradition and create a unique sound with rhythmic flamenco guitar in concert with the world’s best-selling instrument – the harmonica.

In their tango repertoire Milonguera, they give a new, snappy life to the music from the golden age of tango to today’s dancers and listening audiences. At the tango festival Skagerack 2022 in Sweden, Chicos Fritos Milonguera mixed equal parts flamenco repertoire with tango as a kickstart to this new sound of flamenco guitar and harmonica in a tango taping and has since appeared regularly at milongas in western Sweden.

In the first set, we offer traditional flamenco with elements of Argentine tango together with the fantastic flamenco dancer Pia del Norte. The second set consists of a pure tango repertoire for dancing with five tandas and four cortinas. Each tanda consists of three songs and the order of this milonga program is tango, waltz, tango, milonga and tango.