Performance, Tablao
Marco Flores - Vengo Jondo
18:00 - 22:00


Nefertiti, Hvitfeldtsplatsen 6

Gothenburg , Sweden

Welcome to a flamenco show with the award-winning Marco Flores presenting Vengo Jondo. He visits Sweden together with the guitarist José Tomás Jiménez and the singer El Quini de Jerez in a classic flamenco set-up, which you find on the small, classical tablao stages.

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295 SEK
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Nefertiti Jazz Club & Ann-Christine Nordin

Marco Flores is one of the leading flamenco dancers of the time who, with a both classical and visionary style, interprets and renews the traditional flamenco dance.

Vengo Jondo is a piece that reflects its most ancestral side and more linked to tradition. A reflection of the cultural and family legacy that he has been acquiring since his earliest age.

At Nefertiti, Flores wants to approach flamenco from the most naked, most intimate way. The true essence. And for this he relies on the two elements that have always been present in his creative aspect, and that are also the most elemental basis of this art: cante and toque.
In connection with the show, Marco Flores also offers a workshop.