Noche de peña en El Duende
19:30 - 00:00


Flamenco Foreningen El Duende, Glentevej 51

Copenhagen, Denmark

Peña evening with El Duende invites everyone interested in flamenco to sing and dance, clap and play the guitar!

Free entry


Flamenco Association El Duende

El Duende, the flamenco association in CPH, opens doors to an evening for the members of the association, but also for anyone, who is interested in flamenco. We’ll meet to sing and dance and play. The floor is open for all, who want to show their newest flamenco steps, play a guitars solo or sing a song or two in a friendly supportive atmosphere accompanied by the local guitarists and cajón players. Some evenings we start with short show by local flamenco artists. But the 19th of November will be a traditional gathering with hopefully a good juerga (a flamenco jam). Welcome !