Performance, Concert
Nordic Flamenco "Northern Pulse"
24.05.2024 - 25.05.2024


Tjarnarbíó Theater
Tjarnargata 12

Reykjavík, Other

Imperfecto Collective, a Helsinki-based international group of artists, is proud to present their latest production, “Northern Pulse”, as part of their Nordic Flamenco concept.

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ISK 5200
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Nordic Flamenco – Imperfecto Collective

This performance is a celebration of rhythm, exploring the unique pulse of contemporary flamenco in the North and it explores how it is shaped by factors such as the seasons and nordic culture.

“Northern Pulse” will feature a talented and diverse group of artists, including dancers Elina Robinson and Pia Pohjakallio, singer Anna Murtola, guitarist Rodrigo Gonzalez, percussionist Ricardo Padilla, palmero Laura Rintamäki, and violinist Lotta-Maria Heiskanen. These artists will come together to showcase the pulsating beat of flamenco, accompanied by the video art and motion graphics of Christian Robinson. Lighting design by Petri Sarkkila.

This performance will delve into how rhythm and the changing seasons affect and determine our lives and art in the North. The fusion of flamenco with these unique northern elements creates a captivating and deeply moving experience.

Nordic Flamenco artists:
Elina Robinson – dance
Pia Pohjakallio – dance
Anna Murtola – vocals
Rodri Gonzalez – guitar
Ricardo Padilla – percussions
Lotta-Maria Heiskanen – violin
Laura Rintamäki – palmas
Christian Robinson – videotaide/video art
Petri Sarkkila -lighting design
Jonna Karoliina Huttunen -production management

Duration: 1 h

Age recommendation: Allowed for all ages