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Rhythms of Flamenco
20:00 - 22:00


Hotel AX, Välimerenkatu 18

Helsinki, Finland

A cozy flamenco evening with Taija Robalta (cante), Otso Krunasta (guitarra) and Katja Lundén (baile).

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15-20 €
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Taija Robalta

Katja Lundén, who received the Artist of the Year Award 2022, is one of the leading names in Nordic flamenco, who has worked with numerous domestic and international artists during her 25-year career. The Katja Lundén Company is an assembly of top professionals in various art fields, which has become known for its boundary-breaking multi-art works such as My skin is soft, Muiston jälki, Universo, Flamencosauna, Edvard Munch – Elämän tanssi ja Norsun Elämää – La Vida de Una Elefante. Katja’s group’s style is a unique mix of flamenco and contemporary dance, music and theater. The works are reviews and audience successes and have toured successfully, for example, at international dance and music festivals.

Taija Robalta is a flamenco singer and teacher from Helsinki. She received her education in Seville from maestra Esperanza Fernández. In Spain, she has accompanied e.g. dance classes by Carmen Ledesma and Miguel Vargas and has performed in tablaos in Seville both as a singer and dancer.

Otso Krunasta has graduated from Seville’s Fundación Cristina Heeren as a flamenco guitarist.
The credited guitarist of the BRINDAMOS FLAMENCO collective has worked for years as an accompanist with numerous top flamenco artists and legends in Andalusia.

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