Ruta Flamenca 2023
27.04.2023 - 05.05.2023



Sevilla, Jérez, Cadiz , Other

Spend a journey that will fill up all your senses, enjoying the art of flamenco and the cities of Seville and Jérez. Some of the nordic countries and France are gathering to share the famous Feria de Sevilla and some dance workshop with the fantastic dancer Leonor Leal.




Flamenco Norge – France association

Ruta flamenca is a trip to Andalucia with the purpose of bringing flamenco lovers into the daily life of cities “cunas del flamenco” such as Sevilla & Jerez in order to learn, live and share various elements of flamenco.
The teachers have great acknowledge of flamenco pedagogy & professional dance experience. They will focus on choreography, dance technique, understanding our body, rhythm, cante, etc.

Experience a week of flamenco 100%, technique, choreography, compass, shows, cultural places and wonderful walks through the streets of Andalucía.

The trip also takes us to the world famous Feria de Sevilla and Pueblos blancos de Cadiz !!