Photo: Patrik Palm

Tablao Flamenco Malmö


Vibliotek ‘Trastienda’, Södra Vallgatan 3

Malmö, Sweden

Come and experience a mix of traditional and creative Spanish Intimate Live Flamenco show in Malmö! You can enjoy a high intensity and powerful Flamenco show every last Sunday of the month in Vibliotek ‘Trastienda’ Restaurang. The next performance is with the Flamenco Collective.


250 SEK


Jossette Reilly & Stephan Jarl

With different guest artists every month, each show adapts to a different color and muse making it unique and magical. Inspired in the traditional Flamenco Tablaos of Spain, our series of performances feature compact, high energy shows that showcase Flamenco dance and the improvisational communication between dancer and musicians.

The Flamenco collective is an ensemble of flamenco and contemporary dancer Jossette Reilly, with strong musicians of both flamenco and other musical backgrounds. The on stage meeting of these artists will lead into a mix of emotions, sounds and colors, where the Collective will strive in melding diverse backgrounds in various musical styles; such as afro & latin rhythms, while remaining grounded in the flamenco tradition and inspired by the rawness of the art form.

Flamenco Collective Ensemble:
Thierry Boisdon – Singer & guitarist
Yasser Pino – Bass player
Sal Dibba – Percussionist
Stephan Jarl – Flamenco percussionist
Dancer – Jossette Reilly

Seating is at 17:30 with a 2 Set Show starting at 18:00.
Book a table @ and don’t miss this unique experience.

Jossette Reilly, flamenco dancer, and Stephan Jarl, flamenco percussionist, started the Tablao Flamenco Malmö last October 2021. Both are leading Tablao Flamenco Malmö and invite on every show different amazing flamenco guests artists to complete the ensemble. After 2 successful seasons of shows and performances they both feel that finally Tablao Flamenco Malmö has a host for great Flamenco artists. Vibliotek Restaurang and their space Trastienda has become the House of Tablao Flamenco Malmö completing the full experience of what it is to see and feel an intimate Flamenco show with the best atmosphere, wine, authentic Spanish tapas and food that you can find in Malmö.