Tampere XXVII Flamenco Festival
27.06.2023 - 01.07.2023


Several locations in the city of Tampere

Tampere, Finland

Every summer, the oldest flamenco festival in the Nordic countries attracts the most prominent Spanish and Nordic singers, dancers, and musicians as well as flamenco aficionados from all over Finland and beyond. Our festival program consists of world-class performances and courses as well as open events, where you can get to know flamenco culture.


0-350 €


Tampere Flamenco Festival association

Respect for the flamenco tradition and curiosity about its constant renewal is in the heart of our festival. You are warmly welcome to join our community and celebrate the beauty, expression and passion of flamenco art!

The artistic directors of the 27. Tampere Flamenco Festival in 2023 are Disa Kamula and Toni Suento, who will begin their work in January 2023.

The more detailed program will be published on the Tampere Flamenco Festival website.