Sayori Izawa

Workshop with Siri Salminen: Flamenco, Ear & Rhythm!
12:00 - 14:00


Flamencowerkstatt, Frankfurter Allee 110

Berlin, Germany, Other

Flamenco dance workshop about listening abilities, marcajes and remates. Collective work on the joys of flamenco groove!


35 €


Siri Salminen

The theme of the workshop is the importance of listening. A workout for our flamenco ears! We will work with marcajes, remates, some foot technique and improvisation exercises. All with strong emphasis on our flamenco ear and rhythm, musicality and playfulness. Collective work on the joys of flamenco groove, with both humour and sincerity. It will be great!

Open level for participants with previous flamenco dance experience.

Siri Salminen (Stockholm, 1987), born and raised in a family of jazz musicians, started dancing flamenco at the age of 9. Graduated in 2011 at the Dance Pedagogy department with specialization in flamenco, at the Stockholm University of Dance and Circus. After years of training and studies in Spain and Sweden, flamenco projects in Sweden, Turkey and Germany, she has developed her very own dancing style, and a mature and respectful approach towards the flamenco tradition. She works as a dancer within the flamenco spectrum, but also in a wider range of dance projects, often collaborating with musicians from the Berlin experimental music scene. Current and previous projects are, among others, Ballet sss SSSS, s!, Mirenesis Flamenco Project, Rapa Nui, and Island Error.