Photo: Marjon Broeks

Performance, Tablao
FlamencoFredag: Andamosi Flamenco!


Pygméteatern, Vegagatan 17

Stockholm, Sweden

In FlamencoFredags’ November tablao evening we meet an investigation into common denominators between Greek and Spanish culture and the evening ends with a set in traditional flamenco spirit.

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250 SEK / 200 SEK
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Andamosi is a Greek word that means “meeting”. In this performance, the artists experiment with the dialogue between Greek and Flamenco culture and aim to achieve a new listening experience with new timbres and expressive dance.

This creation emerges from transculturality, the musical dialogue of different cultures that merge into something new. The traditional Spanish art of flamenco, in the form of dance and guitar, meets in a dialogue with the Greek singing and make it into a unique experience. The two genres share not only rhythmic similarities but also historical and ethnic origins, which smoothens the creative communication between the artists.

The performance Andamosi, is a journey from deep Greek tradition to pure flamenco with meeting points all along the way.

Singing: Yota Barón / Guitar: Lucas Arango / Dance: Claudia Karapanou

In the house band:
Erik Steen, guitar
Pepita Rohde, singing
Souzana Volioti & Pia del Norte, dance