Performance, Concert, Workshop
11.05.2024 - 11.05.2024


Rosengård Centrum, Dicksons v 6,

Malmö, Sweden

Flamenco Collective leaders get together to teach and lead in a 2 hour workshop all the principle components that are needed to create a Flamenco Juerga or Social. Singing, clapping and dancing! By the end all participants and leaders join together in a circle and make the Juerga/Fiesta happen.

Free entry


JR Movement & Productions with the support of Malmö Stad

Come and create a Flamenco Juerga / party with us! Flamenco Guitarist/singer Johan Pålsson, flamenco percussionist Stephan Jarl and flamenco dancer Jossette Reilly come together in this workshop to teach you the elements of flamenco: clapping to the rhythm, singing and dancing so that we can all join together in a circle and have flamenco ‘fiesta’ or juergan.
A flamenco juerga will awaken desire, body, thought and playfulness. We build energy by playing and supporting each other in song, music and dance. The juergan/party is open to anyone between thirteen and one hundred and welcomes everyone. In Spain it is normal for a flamenco juerga to meet two or three generations together.

No previous flamenco experience is needed. Come and join us and don’t miss this only date. Free entry but limited number of seats in Rosengårdsbiblioteket.

You can reserve your spot by writing to:

This project is supported and possible thanks to the City of Malmö.